Palma Violets

I’m not gonna insult your indie credentials by thinking you haven’t heard of them (seriously if you haven’t heard of them where the fudge have you been this summer?).


We (hoover music blog) are based in London and we heard rumblings of these guys for a while back, i think as far back as the beginning of last year. The only problem was that it was near on impossible to hear any of their stuff, with the London (Lambeth to be precise) 4 piece not even having a Facebook page until late November. The only way to hear any of their stuff was to go and see them play live, something i myself didn’t get round to doing until Bestival in September, and something i was told you HAD TO DO.  By this time (i think that week) the NME had got a hold of them, and proclaimed them the new new new saviours of rock, The Libertines 2.0, and what must be 2456987th reincarnation of The Strokes (note: i used to love the NME, i was a 2000s indie kid. it was my bible. its just lately its lost its bite and has got caught up in its own supposed superiority for thinking that everything that doesn’t have guitars in it is s**t).

They were right about seeing them live. Not only are Sam Fryer (Vocals and Guitar), Chillie Jesson (Vocals and Bass and holder of the best name in the band), Pete Mayhew (Keys) and Will Doyle (Drums) brilliant musicians, but they have an amazing stage presence, Chillie the Bassists especially. Running around the stage – check. Crowd surfing when not needed in some songs – check. Pointing out flashing girls by saying loudly mid-song into the mic “i can see your boobies” – check. but lets be honest, a decent stage presence and good crowd banter is wasted if you haven’t got the songs (anyone remember Viva Brother? nah me neither).  Thankfully Palma Violets do have the songs, infact the had the indie-smash of the summer and for some including me and the NME, the number one song of the year: Best of Friends.

Listened and Watched? Good,  i’ll continue then. i love this song. the opening rift, the explosives drums and the pulsing driving base line all helped along by a lovely synth sound and the chorus. MY GOD THE CHORUS.  its impossible to not try and jump around and scream-a-long with the chorus of “I wanna be your best friend, I don’t want you to be my girl, I wanna be your friend “, kicking into a fantastic guitar solo, we are treated to one last romp through the chorus building an building until its finished, in 3.33 minutes of brilliance.  i could literally go on and on and on and on about how much i love this song, but i can’t at least not today.

as well as Best of Friends they have the slower, almost Ballard-y Last of the Summer Wine, opening with building synths and guitar, in an almost  sounding religious until it falls away revealing the building of the guitar rift and those crashing drums and pulsing bass again (i think we’ve found a signature sound).

Last night they announced their newest single Step Up For the Cool Cats, and it was aried on radio  as Zane Lowes hottest track in the world right now. im not gonna write too much about it now as i plan to do a post about it over the weekend, what i will say is it draws some similarities to I’m A Believer by the Monkees and has again them drums and bass.


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